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Hoarding is a problem that has a myriad of effects that can be dangerous to the structure of the building and health of those living inside it. Here at DeShano Restoration, we understand that hoarding and hoarding cleanup is a serious problem and one that is also sensitive. Many professional recognize hoarding as a mental condition, and so we approach hoarding cleanup in a specific way. We want to be sensitive to the owner while

When Cleanup is Unsafe

Posted on April 27, 2018
Here at DeShano Restoration, we specialize and are certified in numerous types of cleanup, including bio-hazard cleanup. Bio-hazard cleanup is very different than other types of cleanup. There are many reasons why those who are not trained in bio-hazard cleanup should not attempt it. The primary concern is health and safety. If you are not trained in this type of cleanup, you can expose yourself to a great deal of risk. In addition, professionals have

Flood Damage: What To Do After a Flood

Posted on April 25, 2018
  Big storms have the tendency to bring flooding and damage with them. From rising rivers to drainage back-up, water can find its way into your home. Flood damage is different from other types of water damage. Flood water can be contaminated by a number of different things that it came in contact with before entering your house. Because flood water can be unhealthy or unsafe, we always suggest dealing with it carefully. Here is
Whether or not your carpets have experienced dust or mold damage recently, you might need to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned. People usually think about cleaning their carpets and upholstery only after a large stain has appeared or some type of home damage has occurred. However, there are other important reasons you should be cleaning your carpets and upholstery. Those pesky little organisms known as mold and dust can make their way into your
If you have found mold in your house, it can be tempting to look to the internet for mold removal tips. There is so much information available that makes the do-it-yourself route enticing. However, there are many dangers and problems that can occur when you try to remove the mold yourself instead of calling professionals. Without professional knowledge and equipment, you can be risking a lot. Mold can inflict structural damage on your home. And

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Why it’s Effective

Posted on February 28, 2018
Comfreak / Pixabay When unexpected damage has affected your home and belongings ultrasonic cleaning could be the answer. Items damaged by fire, soot, mold, and other destructive environments can be professionally cleaned this way. When disaster hits the thought of losing all of your beloved belongings can be overwhelming, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Because of ultrasonic cleaning, what might have been tossed can be saved. Here is what you need to

What to do with Water Damaged Insulation

Posted on February 14, 2018
Water has made its way into a part of your home and now you have water damage. Water damage isn’t a straightforward problem to deal with, especially if you are dealing with water damage to unseen items like insulation. Insulation is tucked away and can go unnoticed when it is doing its job well. However, if your insulation gets damaged, you have a lot to consider to ensure your home remains stable. Here is what
The kitchen is the heart of the home. It can also be a dangerous place because it is where grease, fire, water, and electricity all converge. Kitchen fires can easily get out of hand and spread to other rooms of the house. The best way to prevent a kitchen fire and the resulting fire damage is to prevent the fire in the first place. Fire prevention can be greatly improved by cooking safety. By following

Fire Damage: What to Do When It’s Severe

Posted on January 5, 2018
Photo Credit via Pixabay.com / Pixabay Fire damage is always serious and overwhelming. Even if the amount of physical destruction is moderate, the emotional toll is relentless. Additionally, the stress involved with the cleanup and the hassle with insurance companies never help the situation. At DeShano Restoration, our fire damage restoration process can help reverse the damages caused by a fire so that you’re able to get back to living your normal life as quickly

Demolition Services: Why You Need Them

Posted on December 29, 2017
robinsonk26 / Pixabay Demolition services focus on more than just bulldozers flattening houses and buildings. There are actually a wide variety of demolition services, and at DeShano Restoration, we offer them all. The two basic kinds of demolition are residential and commercial. Residential demolition focuses on clients who want their houses, garages, or smaller objects removed, while commercial demolition services deal with larger structures. Demolition services also include grading and clearing, asbestos abatement, and interior

Tips to Eliminate Pet Odor and Dander

Posted on December 22, 2017
Eliminate Pet Odor / Pixabay Many first-time pet owners do not realize that along with a new cute, fluffy face come dirt, urine, hair, and dander. As animal lovers, we love to snuggle and cuddle our fur-babies. But these innocent animals can create havoc on our allergies. Even for people who are not allergic, airborne pet odors can be bothersome. Below are some tips to specifically eliminate pet odor and dander from your home. Eliminate

Tips to Deal with Appliance Failures

Posted on December 21, 2017
TRAPHITHO / Pixabay Appliances are built to last, and they usually do for a number of years. But, just like electricity, they are easily taken for granted. Any appliance that holds water can potentially lead to mold infestation or household flooding. Not performing routine maintenance of appliances can lead to appliance failure and costly expenses. Below is a list of appliance failures that DeShano Restoration can help with and some routine tips that can prevent