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When Cleanup is Unsafe

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Here at DeShano Restoration, we specialize and are certified in numerous types of cleanup, including bio-hazard cleanup. Bio-hazard cleanup is very different than other types of cleanup. There are many reasons why those who are not trained in bio-hazard cleanup should not attempt it. The primary concern is health and safety. If you are not trained in this type of cleanup, you can expose yourself to a great deal of risk. In addition, professionals have the required tools and equipment needed to properly clean up the mess. Here is how we at DeShano Restoration approach a bio-hazard cleanup.  


The first thing we do when we arrive on the scene of a bio-hazardous cleanup is create a quarantine. Quarantining the area ensures the mess is contained, no one’s health is at risk, and no distressing scenes are viewable. Bio-hazardous cleanups are usually emotionally straining cleanups as well. Whether you're dealing with a hoarding problem that has become unsafe or the death of a loved one, seeing the cleanup process can add to the emotional stress. A quarantined space allows us to safely work while not having to worry about contaminating other areas or distressing our customers.  

Health and Safety

Bio-hazard cleanup requires not only special equipment, certifications, and licenses, but also a different approach to the cleanup. There are specific procedures you must follow to ensure the health and safety of those performing the cleanup. Other people exposed to the area are also at risk, which is why we quarantine the area. Exposure to bio-hazardous materials can result in a number of health concerns, so we professionally train our staff in the proper way to handle all types of bio-hazard cleanup. We take all the precautions necessary to ensure everyone’s safety and the complete cleanup of the affected area.

Contact the Professionals

Bio-hazard cleanups are not safe to perform on your own. You risk your health and not being able to adequately clean up the area. Professionals receive comprehensive training on how to deal with this type of clean up. By calling a professional service, you are also alleviating your emotional and physical stress. Having professionals handle the cleanup allows you the time and space to navigate the other effects of the event. If you are in need of bio-hazard cleanup help, DeShano Restoration is here for you. We are licensed and certified, and we understand how to care for the affected area and our clients. Give us a call at 1-877-570-7780.