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Should You Call for Help If You have Sewage Backup

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Sewage backup is serious. You may wonder if cleaning up the mess is something you should do on your own. Should you call for help if you have sewage backup? Sewage or black water is harmful to your health. Microorganisms that carry diseases thrive in city sewer lines as well as dirt and waste. Along with these issues, there are several reasons to seek professional help.

Sewage Backup

Sewage backup occurs when sewer lines that carry waste back up into your home via the drain pipes. Floods, water in the basement, tree roots blocking the homeowner or a clog in the city line causes sewer backup. Black water from the sewer system enters the home. Call a professional to help rid your home of black water.

Who Is Responsible?

Most insurance companies do not cover sewage backups on a typical homeowner's policy. Obtain a rider to receive coverage for sewage backups. The home owner is responsible for maintaining the section of sewer line that runs from the main line to their home. The sewer lateral is the line that runs between the home and the city line.

What Causes Sewage Backup?

The cities main line may become clogged, impacting the sewer lateral lines of many homeowners. This can cause black water to come into your home through the drains in your floor. Use extreme caution as this black water comes from numerous residences and businesses and may contain pathogens.  Call your city or county water and report the problem. Tree roots are a common problem. Roots may grow into cracks and joints in the sewer lines. As the tree grows, so do its roots. Unfortunately, it can frequently cause more damage to the pipe and interfere with the flow of water. The homeowner is responsible for getting the line fixed or replaced when tree roots are the problem.

You Can Prevent Sewage Backup

Preventing sewage backup begins at home! Treat your drainage lines gently. Don’t pour grease or chemicals down your line. As it cools, grease thickens and sticks to the sides of the pipes. Some of the chemicals contained in leading clog removal products are very harmful to your pipes. Consult with your plumber to determine the best way to remove clogs. Older homes often have the original pipes. Replace them with new pipes with better construction to manage modern waste. Plastic and PVC pipes are more conducive to expelling water.

Call For Help

Call us! DeShano Restoration has trained professionals. We will rid your home of sewage water, sanitize and remove waste and dirt as well as killing germs; replacing any damaged building material with new leaving your home in better shape. DeShano Restoration is family owned and locally operated with 24/7 customer service.