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Building materials are not the only items affected when damage occurs to your property. Contents and belongings often become damaged as well. They absorb water, odor, and can become totally un-savable if left wet, or covered in soot.

In the past, most restoration contractors simply threw out damaged contents, believing they were unsalvageable.

However, today most contents can be cleaned and restored saving your irreplaceable items while reducing the cost of unnecessary or impossible replacement.

If your contents are damaged due to an unexpected fire, severe odor, or developing mold issues you need to call a professional fast.

At DeShano Restoration, we have made it our mission to restore damaged properties to their pre-loss condition. Working in the restoration industry since 2012, we have the expertise and experience to handle even the toughest restoration projects.

Contents Restoration – What to Expect

Water damage, smoke odors, and other types of odor damage can infiltrate your fabrics and textiles. Utilizing unique technology, we can often clean and rejuvenate damaged contents to pre-loss condition.
DeShano Restoration provides our clients a high level of quality contents restoration. Since we take the contents off-site, our process is extremely organized; ensuring your textiles and fabrics receive the proper care.

Stay on-schedule

We understand the sense of urgency required during the contents restoration process. Textiles such as clothing, upholstery, and rugs are all continuously used within the home, and could cause disruption if gone for too long.

Available Mon. – Fri., 7AM – 4PM, we quickly inventory the damaged contents, remove them from the site, and begin the restoration process.

Urgent items are processed and returned quickly while all others will be returned on an agreed upon date, depending on the circumstances of the loss.

100% Guarantee

We only charge for the salvageable contents. Restoring damaged contents is much more cost effective than replacement. Depending upon the extent of the damage, hundreds of items in your home could be affected. With DeShano Restoration’s comprehensive guarantee, we will restore your contents to pre-loss condition or you will not be charged for unsatisfactory items.

Detailed inventory process

To properly manage the inventory process, we take a very organized approach to contents restoration. During the process we take photographic images of each room, along with detail photos of where each item was placed. Depending on the job circumstances, we most often inventory and photograph each item. This inventory can be delivered to you and/or your insurance adjuster.

We also provide a list of all non-salvageable items to help you get reimbursed for your items that were lost and need to be replaced.

Upon return of the restored items, our crew will place the contents in the exact areas they were found using the photo documentation.

Keeping accurate records is key in staying organized throughout the process. Our proven system has helped us manage hundreds of household contents effortlessly.

Utilize patented cleaning technology

At DeShano Restoration, we use a patented ultrasonic cleaning technology. Utilizing ultrasonic technology has helped our success rate in salvaging items go from an 85% success rate (industry standard) to 98% success of restored contents damaged by fire, smoke, or mold. This allows us to save more of your sentimental items. Our team’s cleaning process produces amazing results!

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Contents Restoration – Textiles & Fabrics

Many of our clients ask us which household items would fall under the contents category. A good rule of thumb is anything that is made up of fabrics or textiles.

Below are common items that can potentially be restored.

Your item not on this list? Give our team a call to see how we can help you.

Dry-Cleanable Fabrics– Dry-clean only materials can often be restored. This includes leather, fur, drapes, etc.

Laundry– Any fabrics that were affected by smoke damage or mold can often be successfully restored. This includes comforters, other bedding, clothing, table cloths, etc.

Quilts– Usually more fragile than a standard comforter, our gentle cleaning process is perfect for quilts and fine fabrics.

Women’s Accessories– Handbags, shoes, and purses can often be restored effortlessly. Since these items are typically pricier to replace, our cleaning methods can be the perfect solution.

Upholstery– Sofas, couches, and loveseats can all often be restored through our contents cleaning process.

Hunting / Sports Gear – Expensive to replace, our patented process can often restore some of the most valuable hunting and sports gear.

If odors are a problem, but not debris…
Using our special deodorization processes, we can often remove odors from:

Fur & Leather– Fur coats or leather jackets can be restored to their pre-loss conditions.

Wedding Dresses– Keeping an antique wedding dress as a special memento? Our contents restoration process can often remove unnecessary odors from items such as this.

Stuffed Toys– We can often return stuffed animals, dolls, and other toys smelling as if they were straight from the store.

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Choose DeShano Restoration for your Contents Restoration

With over 50 years of experience in the construction industry, we founded DeShano Restoration in 2012. We believe a large portion of our success is staying active within our industry. That is why we are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, National Restoration Network, IICRC, Associated General Contractors of America, Restoration Industry Association, Michigan Association of Homebuilders and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Licensed, bonded and insured, we take on the entire project from start to finish while working directly with your insurance company to help process your claim.

We can be reached Mon. – Fri., 7AM – 4PM. Our clients know that when an emergency strikes, our professional dispatchers will be able to take your call.

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Serving the communities of Gladwin, Harrison, Clare, Beaverton, Coleman, Edenville, Midland, Auburn, Linwood, Pinconning, Standish, West Branch, Houghton Lake, Farwell, Rose City, Lupton, Prescott, Omer, and Bay City, we will quickly respond to your property in the event of an emergency.