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Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding environments require a specific level of attention during the restoration process. Psychological struggles combined with massive amounts of property damage can lead to challenging obstacles during the restoration process.  Deshano Restoration has the experience necessary to properly remediate even the most severe hoarding damages.


When a property is damaged through hoarding problems, you need to call a certified professional who understands the specific challenges of hoarding homes.


At Deshano Restoration, we have made it a mission to restore damaged properties to their pre-loss condition from hoarding damages. Working in the industry since 1966, we have the expertise and experience to handle even the toughest hoarding restoration projects.

We are available Mon. – Fri., 7AM – 4PM. Our clients know that when an emergency strikes, our professional dispatchers will be able to take your call.

Serving the cities of Gladwin, West branch, Harrison, Alma, St. Louis, Auburn, Bay City, Midland, Beaverton and Houghton Lake, we can quickly service you in the event of an emergency.

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Hoarding Remediation requires a full team of support

Hoarding has recently been recognized by the American Psychological Association as a mental condition. When working to restore a home damaged through hoarding behaviors, it is essential to collaborate with an entire team of individuals focused upon the successful treatment of the hoarder.

This can include but is not limited to the person’s psychologist and supportive family members. At Deshano Restoration, we ensure open communication in which belongings are removed to restore the property to a safe and habitable space.


Property Owner

Upon arrival, it is very common to find the property owner under severe stress. The clean-out process can seem extremely overwhelming for someone suffering from hoarding. From their perspective, every item regardless if it’s a family heirloom or trash is considered to have some sort of value. Releasing anything can cause anxiety or panic.


Supportive Family members

Family members, as much as they try, may not completely understand the emotional turmoil of their loved one. The obvious solution is to clean out the mess, make the necessary repairs and move on. However, this type of attitude creates resistance from the person suffering from hoarding. To them, their items are valuable and can serve a greater purpose in the future.

To the family member, however, they simply want a safe and habitable space for their loved one to reside.

At Deshano Restoration, we work hard to keep all lines of communication open during the hoarding restoration process.


Assigned certified psychologist or therapist

We have found the best results restoring properties from hoarding damages when working in tandem with the client’s certified therapist or psychologist. Since hoarding is classified as a mental illness, the therapist aids in helping the client work through their panic and anxiety during the cleaning process.

At Deshano Restoration, our number one goal is to return the property into a safe and habitable space. Our crews are efficient, while still adhering to the emotional factors of a hoarding restoration project.  We work hard to stay efficient, work fast and to adhere to a specific plan agreed upon by the client, their therapist and team of supportive family members. Dedicated to keeping lines of communication open, our team can successfully return a hoarding property to a safe place to live.


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Need to restore a property from the severe damages of hoarding? Call DeShano Restoration

With over 50 years of experience, we founded Deshano Restoration in 2011.  We believe a large portion of our success is staying active within our industry. That is why we are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, National Restoration Network, IICRC, Associated General Contractors of America, Restoration Industry Association, Michigan Association of Homebuilders and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Licensed, bonded and insured, we take on the entire project from start to finish while working directly with your insurance company to help process the claim along.

Available Mon. – Fri., 7AM – 4PM, we can quickly respond to your call.

Serving the cities of Gladwin, Beaverton, West Branch, Standish, Midland, Coleman, Clare, Harrison, Pinconning, Sterling, Prudenville, Houghton Lake, Rose City, Lupton, Farwell, Sanford, Auburn, Linwood, Edenville, Hope, Mills Township, and Omer, we can quickly service you in the event of an emergency.


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