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Do You Need Help with Hoarding Cleanup

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Photo by Deedee86 on Pixabay: https://pixabay.com Hoarding is a problem that has a myriad of effects that can be dangerous to the structure of the building and health of those living inside it. Here at DeShano Restoration, we understand that hoarding and hoarding cleanup is a serious problem and one that is also sensitive. Many professional recognize hoarding as a mental condition, and so we approach hoarding cleanup in a specific way. We want to be sensitive to the owner while ensuring that the place that they live is a safe and healthy environment. Here is how we conduct hoarding cleanup.  

Set a Plan of Action

  Developing a plan of action is the first step to hoarding cleanup. This plan will be agreed upon by the owner, supportive family, and psychological help if there is any involved. This plan will not only guide our team but also be a source of stability and structure for the owner to rely on. We will work with this plan as our guide so as not to cause unneeded stress for the owner.  

Work with Sensitive Efficiency

  We understand that our mere presence can be distressing to the owner. They believe that everything in their home is important and can be of some use. For this reason, when our team comes in and removes their belongings, it eliminates much of the stress you face. Because of the emotional side of hoarding, we work with extreme sensitivity while conducting a hoarding cleanup. We use the plan of action we have created as a guide to work quickly and efficiently.  


  Hoarding cleanup requires a full team. You need more than a cleaning. You need emotional, physical, and professional support to get the job done. This is why we work with concerned and supportive family members and therapists that are already confronting the issue. With the support of family and therapists, we are able to clean out and restore the home to safe conditions. Our goal is always to restore the home to the state it was before the hoarding began. As a team, we can make that happen.   Hoarding is a sensitive topic and an emotional process. We work with the utmost respect and sensitivity to help people that have hoarding tendencies. Hoarding can seriously damage and risk the structural integrity of a place. With a supportive team, we are able to reverse the damages of hoarding, restoring the home to a safe and livable environment. If you or someone you know hoards and would like help restoring the home we can help. Give us a call, 1-877-570-7780, we’re always here to help.