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Smoke Damage & Odor Removal

In a property, chronic odors can be extremely offensive. Some of these odors can be hazardous depending upon its source. Regardless if the odors come from smoke, mold, pets or other types of sources, proper odor removal requires a professional.

With so many different types of technologies available to remove odors, permanently dissipating the source can happen faster than you think. Too many property owners attempt to mask the smell by using over-the-counter cleaners and fragrances. Not only do these options simply COVER the smell, they expose your occupants to severe chemicals of the fragrance combined with the hazardous byproducts of the original odor.

Choosing a certified professional like DeShano Restoration is key in fast and effective removal.

Available Mon. – Fri., 7AM – 4PM, our team can respond promptly to your call.

When odor strikes your property, you need to call a professional fast.

At DeShano Restoration, we have made it a mission to restore damaged properties to their pre-loss condition. Working in the industry since 1966, we have the expertise and experience to handle even the toughest restoration projects.

We are available Mon. – Fri., 7AM – 4PM. Our clients know that when an emergency strikes, our professional dispatchers will be able to take your call.

Serving the cities of Gladwin, West branch, Harrison, Alma, St. Louis, Auburn, Bay City, Midland, Beaverton and Houghton Lake, we can quickly service you in the event of an emergency.

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How to Remove Smoke & Odors

Smoke and Soot can create an overwhelming smell after a fire. In addition to the other types of damage, soot and odors are important to be addressed.

Properly removing soot and smoke odors can be a detailed process. Any soot remaining on metal hardware, carpet, textiles or tile can create permanent damage.

At DeShano Restoration, we are certified by the IICRC and educated in the best process to remove soot and smoke odors. We have developed a best practice over the years that helps us attack smoke and soot in a systematized manner.

Vacuum Ash

Using a HEPA vacuum to keep dust levels contained, our team will address any lingering ash and debris present.

Eliminate present odors

Depending upon the type of odor present will determine which solution we use. Odors are neutralized using state-of-the art equipment and environmentally cleaning solutions.


Remove lingering soot

It is important to remove the soot to prevent future damage. As soot stays put it can cause a dangerous chemical reaction with the host material; creating permanent stains.

Depending on the type of materials burned depicts the soot type. Soot types vary between dry and oily- requiring different cleaning methods for each.

Oily Soot– using specialized degreasing solutions, oily soot can be carefully removed.

Dry Soot- tools such as dry sponges and HEPA vacuums can assist in effortless removing dry soot.

Clean and deodorize contents

For contents, such as fabrics, textiles, carpets, clothing and documents, our team can restore these items to their pre-loss condition. Any items that cannot be treated on-site will be inventoried, transferred and treated at an off-site facility.

Odor Removal

For odors that are not smoke and fire related, DeShano Restoration is equipped with a variety of odor removing technology. Since all odors should not be created equal, our experienced team of technicians can identify the right tool for the job.

Hydroxyl Generators

Safe to use in occupied spaces, hydroxyl generators are ideal when businesses cannot shut down or homeowners opt to stay onsite. Effective to dissipate smoke odors, they are also effective against mold, pet urine, biological odors and odors from a deceased body.

Hydroxyl generators are usually the first line of defense, safe to use and a cost-effective solution to odor removal.


Ozone Machines

For situations where all occupants can be evacuated, ozone machines are extremely effective. Within 24 hours, odors can be permanently removed. Since these machines convert oxygen to ozone, anything living must be evacuated. This includes plants, animals and humans.

Thermal Foggers

Thermal foggers are equipped with a smoke removal solution that neutralizes odors. As the fogging solution combines with the odor molecules, a chemical reaction occurs which dissipates the odor.

Cost effective and easy to use, thermal foggers are great for removing carpet odors. From pet urine odors to tobacco smoke, thermal foggers can effectively remove stagnant odors. 

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Choose DeShano Restoration for Smoke & Odor Removal

Do not continue to mask odors when you can simply remove them with DeShano Restoration. Utilizing state of the art technology and a wide range of odor removal options, we have what it takes to get the job done FAST and RIGHT.

With over 50 years of experience, we founded DeShano Restoration in 2011.  We believe a large portion of our success is staying active within our industry. That is why we are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, National Restoration Network, IICRC, Associated General Contractors of America, Restoration Industry Association, Michigan Association of Homebuilders and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Typically smoke and odor removal projects are not an urgent matter; however, at DeShano Restoration, we are always available with dispatchers on call Mon. – Fri., 7AM – 4PM.

Licensed, bonded and insured, we can provide the right solution for your specific situation. Not all odors should be treated the same which is why DeShano Restoration is equipped with different types of equipment to handle various odor scenarios.

Serving the cities of Gladwin, Beaverton, West Branch, Standish, Midland, Coleman, Clare, Harrison, Pinconning, Sterling, Prudenville, Houghton Lake, Rose City, Lupton, Farwell, Sanford, Auburn, Linwood, Edenville, Hope, Mills Township, and Omer, we can quickly service you in the event of an emergency.

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